April 8, 2021 at 7:00 pm

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          Tickets for A Red Orchid’s Root Ball 2021 are officially on sale!

This year’s virtual event features several ticketing options and something for everyone. An exciting night of auctions, raffles, performances and delight! 

        For tickets and more info: https://aesbid.com/ELP/AROT21

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Had a blast (after four covid tests) shooting a scene with Jesse Spencer  (Ltnt.Matthew Casey) for a show that will air on 3/10/21 on NBC.


             Written and directed by Richard Cohen

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Written and directed by Richard Cohen

     A six minute postcard perspective from a        character far from me but close enough to              our America that it just might be                    representative of plague times.

Written and directed by Richard Cohen


             Written and directed by Richard Cohen

    Brilliant actor, writer, illustrator and producer Heather Chrisler launches her kids podcast. Yours truly plays the frustrated and beguiled Farmer, Mr.Todd. Click on the pic for the apple podcast.