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" A first-rate cast — uncommonly strong across the board for a modestly scaled indie like this..beautifully acted."

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ERIC LARUE - A truly moving and poignant film on the impact of gun violence in America on a family searching for impossible healing.

The exceptional film stars Judy Greer, Alexander Skarsgard, Tracy Letts,

Alison Pill and Paul Sparks.

Written by A Red Orchid Theatre's Brett Neveu 

Directed by Michael Shannon

I haven't done a musical since high school so what a joy it's been to come back to one as good as this. Appearing as Donnie Kirshner, the iconic producer of so many rock and pop artists of the 60's and 70's, I get to join a ridculously talented cast in telling Carole King's beautiful story.

November 8-December 31.

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Appeared in the 2nd Season Finale of...

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An honor to work with the co-stars and the incredible Jay Duplass (Transparent) as Director in this finale episode of a truly inspired series.

Now on Shudder 

    What a treat it was to shoot this over the summer of '21. I will not share any spoilers beyond saying I am directly responsible for some of the SCARY in this.













Written by Brett Neveu

Directed by Jennifer Reeder 

Cast: Geno Walker,Daniel Kyri, Madison Felonious Munk, Theo Germaine, Morgan Reesh, Kate Arrington, Michael Shannon and yours truly

Produced by 

Institutional Quality Productions, Dave Tolchinsky, Neal Edelstein, Brett Neveu

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It's been 200 years, but time flies when you are watching over some of the best fairy tales in the world. 
The Grimmster,  your story host at his post, will get you caught up on what you missed for the last two centuries.

In 1812, the Grimm Brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm, wrote down over 200 stories to create the library I have kept a watchful eye over until now.

In 2021, the Grimm Brothers 2.0, Larry and Colin, decided to dust off those glorious ancient gems to bring back a contemporary oral tradition in storytelling with this stellar podcast.

Constructed for the modern kiddo of today, our Grimmagination adaptations hold onto the spine of those original timeless tales while bringing a new sense of depth, play and personality to each reading. We are proud to have teamed up with young artists from the Marwen organization for our illustrations, hip musician-composers for our soundscapes, and the best actors around for our narrators. 

On December 10th,  our first season of 10 stories drops on the Grimmagination podcast and website.  Our classic stories reimagined for the cool kids (that's you 6-9 year olds and the "won't grow-ups"!) invite both the new and experienced reader into a creative world of greater literacy.

And just as these tales travelled by word of mouth across the globe years ago, we hope you will feel free to have an equally big mouth of positivity about Grimmagination's ad-free, non-profit production wherever you see fit.

Now, don't wait another century, get your Grimmagination blown!

Officially living happily ever after,


The Grimmster


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