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   "WHAt the educator does in


     teaching is to make it

   possible for the students


    to become themselves."


                 - Paulo Freire


I started teaching by default and like many, based on raw instincts.


 When kids in my neighborhood bent towards the dramatic I started "playing"some classic Spolin Improv games and when those worked their magic, I was as hooked as the kids were.


 The journey began:  from volunteering in libraries and community centers to being a paid "learn in the field"     Teaching Artist in Chicagoland schools for over 15 years  with organizations like Chicago Children's Museum and Urban Gateways. A bigger picture beckoned  and with a move to New York, internationally recognized beacons like Lincoln Center Institute inspired me to bring  progressive Arts Education to every borough of New York City. 


 I dug deeper with a Masters in Education from DePaul University and taught High School English and Theatre full time (Stevenson High School, Chi Arts) with a home base at Steppenwolf Education where I served as a  Mentoring Teaching Artist and Core Curriculum Facilitator and Classroom Mentor.


 I remain a teacher grounded in a reflective practice; a fan of professional development and pedagogies that invite me to learn as much as my students. There is no teaching without learning.

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