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When passion..

..meets craft.

For thirty years, I have essentially pursued just one lesson with my students. Whether in the context of primary or early elementary, middle or high school, higher education or teacher professional development; whether in a public, private, or  parochial school, a university, a social service setting, a corporate entity or acting industry related class, I believe in the essential value of self-realization through Drama. It is in the recognition of theatre's mission to mirror human nature that we are able to actively pursue a rigorous investigation and reflection that allows us to become greater humans.

The very first sparks that transformed me from a student of the world to a teacher within it were based in curiosity. I seek to learn as much as my students in transactional learning environments wholly based in experience, dialogue and the creation of as many questions as there are answers. For me, there is no teaching without learning.

The discipline I bring to every classroom is one which is grounded in empathy and the pursuit of a greater understanding of what lies outside of us, which may, in fact, have been  much closer than we ever realized.

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Larry does such an amazing job at setting a constructive, yet fun and engaging space that encourages us to come in every class and want to improve. My biggest triumph in this class was letting go of my fear of embarrassment. I have never felt so free in my craft as I did in taking Larry's class.

University of Michigan BFA Student, Class of '25

Larry is, without a doubt, one of the finest educators I have worked with. He has excellent management skills, he captivates the children and adults alike, and he treats everyone with a tremendous amount of respect.

      Jennifer Farrington, 


   Chicago Children’s Museum

Larry is goal-oriented, yet entertaining and fun-loving—the type of person children respond to beautifully. He helped my students and me to take risks, to trust our instincts, to imagine, and to communicate more effectively.

Nancy Slattery

4th Grade Teacher

Lincoln School

Highland Park


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